• December 1-3, 2020
  • Virtual Experience


Your goals + a better way to achieve them

You’re not a cookie-cutter marketer, so why attend a cookie-cutter event? We’re bringing members of the digital marketing and advertising industry together to learn, discover, and connect in a different way — think less conference, more build your own virtual adventure.

At madconNYC, you choose the Experiences that align with your objectives. If you want to take part in interactive workshops or learn about the latest and greatest marketing trends, do it. Prefer to fill your calendar with 1:1 consultations with experts in topics like personalization and content creation? You do you. If you’re bound and determined to try both of these, expand your network, and bring a game-changing martech solution back to your office, get ready to check it all off your list. 

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Virtual Resources

We know you’re a busy bee, so we’ve compiled a collection of educational resources for you to work into your schedule 24/7. Check out the Virtual Resources page to access 40+ sessions from the 2020 Digital Marketing Summit, along with free webinars, quick chats, and bite-size madTips on the hottest topics in digital marketing today.