• December 1-3, 2020
  • Virtual Experience

BrandJuice Webinar Q&A: New Brand Realities in a Post-COVID World

In follow up to their “New Brand Realities” webinar, the BrandJuice team has explored two pressing attendee questions about how brands can take action in a post-COVID world.

What are some of the best examples of brands embracing the “new reality” and what elements of those can any brand use to pivot themselves?

  • Panera Bread faced major disruption during the coronavirus with decreased dining room traffic, and quickly pivoted to diversify by creating Panera Bread Grocery in just two weeks. The brand remained true to its core competencies with the shift and increased opportunities for engagement by providing supportive value to the customer that can translate to long-term equity building.
  • Marriott Bonvoy has executed a multi-pronged communications strategy to successfully address their customers, employees, and community members' needs. From their Community Caregiver Program to their Bonvoy Giving Program to an extensive plan for cleaning and safe reopening, their message strikes the right tone of care and hope, with their tag, "We Will Travel Again."


What changes that brands are/should be making now do you anticipate in the long-term?

Post-coronavirus, brands that are fast to pivot and able to reach individual customers in their new realities will succeed. This will depend long-term on the following:

  1. Evolving Target Understanding
  2. Community-Driven Storytelling
  3. Innovating Digital Experience
  4. Revenue Diversification


To explore these four topics in-depth, click HERE to learn more.