• December 1-3, 2020
  • Virtual Experience

IAA Academy

For the first time ever, madconNYC and the IAA (International Advertising Association) brought the world's leading platforms under one virtual roof to democratize the knowledge on how to leverage technology to build successful DTC brands.

The Serendipitous Joy of Discovery Commerce

Eva Press | VP, US Global Business Group-CPG, Health and Retail, Facebook

Brands had long been focusing on how to make it easier and delightful for people to shop wherever and however they wanted. A new online shopping opportunity called Discovery Commerce is helping to deliver much of the ease, joy and serendipity of shopping in the analog world to the increasingly competitive digital space. Creating such exceptional omnichannel experiences has become even more important as stores around the world have had to work around physical distancing requirements. Facebook VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail & Healthcare, Eva Press will discuss how Discovery Commerce goes beyond helping people find products to help products find people. She'll discuss the role of machine learning, stand-out creative and frictionless omni-purchase experiences in delivering memorable, unexpected delight that customers will remember and talk about with their friends, family and social networks.

Holiday 2020: Small Business Goes Big

Kaitlyn Wilkins | Global Director, Small Business Sales, Facebook

As the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered communities with stay at home orders and shut downs, small businesses around the world were disproportionately impacted.  With consumers shifting fast to shop and buy online, small businesses had to pivot to meet the new needs of their customers.  As we enter this make or break holiday season, tune in to hear Kaitlyn Wilkins, Facebook’s Global Director of Small Business Sales talk about trends impacting small businesses and share tips for how small businesses can make the most of this holiday season online.  She will be joined by two small businesses owners - JNJ Craftworks and Upscale Socks - who will share first hand the creative ways they’ve adapted their businesses this year.

Fundamentals of Programmatic Loyalty

Scott Robinson | VP, Consulting at Bond

What are the Tools and Ingredients of Modern Loyalty? In this session, Scott Robinson, VP Consulting, will cover the spectrum of loyalty fundamentals and walk through the essential steps, tools and approaches to building impactful KNOWN CUSTOMER relationships that drive sales, engagement and lasting loyalty. From Data & Analytics to CRM and formal Loyalty Programs, Scott will take you through a checklist of digital and data driven best practices that will ensure you are 2021 ready to set your customer engagement plans.

Building Brand Loyalty in a Digitally Accelerated World

Sean Claessen | Chief Strategy Officer at Bond

In our new normal, what’s the role and opportunity for brands that focus on purpose, trust and loyalty? Now more than ever, brands have the opportunity to build trust, deeper relationships and delivery of their promise through digitally enabled experiences and in this session, Sean Claessen, Chief Strategy Officer, will take attendees through the essential steps to building modern human experiences that create lasting relationships with all audiences. In this broader view of how to wed people to brands he will focus on the following topics:

  • Points are not only point, master the new currencies of loyalty
  • Converting the economics of acquisition into retention
  • Aligning all audiences tip to tail to deliver loyalty end to end for all audiences (loyalty mechanics, data science, human centered design)

Google Academy: Search Excellence

Sergio Calix | Search Automation Product Lead, Google

In this session, we will address how to more efficiently identify key opportunities for Search campaigns, including how to use optimization score in day to day account management, how to best use automation, and how to measure the right actions as business goals evolve.

Enhancing Programmatic Media Investments through Deals in DV360

Eri Shinose | Programmatic Specialist, Google
Işıl Sağer | Account Manager for DV360

The SMB Guide to Activating on TikTok

Becca Sawyer | Head of SMB and Operations, TikTok

Sound on and speakers up. TikTok for Business showcases how to plan a successful Small Business Saturday campaign. Hosted by TikTok's Head of SMB and Operations, Becca Sawyer, you'll get an actionable guide on everything you need to know to set up successful media campaigns on TikTok.

TikTok Masterclass: Small Business Edition - Getting Started with TikTok Ads Manager

Ashley Pham | Product Marketing Lead, TikTok

We walked through auction buying on TikTok, our bidding and targeting capabilities, our pixel implementation, and best practice recommendations to set your TikTok campaigns up for success.

Email Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

Melissa Tatoris | Chief Innovation Catalyst at Acoustic

Are you an email marketer trying to recalibrate your strategy for a post-pandemic world? The year started out strong. Marketing leaders were poised to outperform and over deliver with email marketing and customer engagement. Then the wheels fell off with COVID-19. Globally, we're working longer hours, spending more time at home, and social distancing from our family, friends, and coworkers. Consumer behavior has shifted. But with all major change comes great opportunity.

  • Results of Acoustic's COVID-19 Email Benchmark Report based upon insights gleaned from the data of thousands of our customers.
  • Get the most out of your email marketing efforts moving forward.
  • Ignite your email marketing strategy for the rest of the calendar year.

How to Manage a Marketing Budget During a Crisis

Michael Trapani | Senior Director Product and Partnership Marketing at Acoustic

If you’ve led marketing teams long enough, you’ve likely gotten a similar call. Reducing marketing budgets — and reducing them effectively — is as essential as strategy development itself. Indeed, any good marketing strategy should plan for this kind of event. Join Michael Trapani, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Acoustic, as he talks through best practices of managing marketing finances during critical moments in a business.

  • How to develop plans A, B, and C in preparations for an event
  • Your best chance at keeping some of the money you're being asked to reduce
  • How and where to cut parts of the budget that meet the ask

Understanding Identity and the Path to Personalization for Performance Driven Marketers

Bruce Biegel | Senior Managing Partner at Winterberry Group

How marketing is evolving with the next generation of Identity solutions. How will privacy mandates change the way programmatic advertising and personalization will be approached. What are the key trends that a brand and their agency need to be thinking about in data and identity over the next several years? What should the brand and their agency do to prepare and succeed!

IAB Thought Leadership

With a focus on creating exceptional experiences, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has curated a series of dynamic sessions that empower the media and marketing communities to thrive in the digital economy.

Looking Ahead to 2021 and Beyond

Rob DeSalvo | Undertone
Garrett MacDonald | Kochava
Adam Burnham | AffinityX
Frost Prioleau | Simpli.fi
Marcus Whitney | Entrepreneur + Venture Capitalist

Marketers across all sectors have been challenged to keep up with ever-changing conditions, sustain business, and, where possible, create new opportunities amid the chaos. What will next year bring for brands and consumers and how should we as marketers react? To help prepare us for what’s to come, we have gathered some of the industry’s top leaders to give us their thoughts and prognostications on OTT, streaming, video, audience targeting, mobile devices and displays, traditional marketing channels, and many more areas. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

Marketing During Crisis

Isabella Wang | Creative House
Susan McPherson | Founder + CEO, McPherson Strategies
Tia Greene | Visionary, Marketer, PR Expert & TV Personality
Muriel Lotto | Head of Global Brand and Marketing Strategy at Western Union

This past year rendered many longstanding marketing strategies immediately ineffective. Turning on a dime was not what anyone expected to do. Hear from our panel how they did it, what worked, what didn’t, and how they plan to prepare for the next crisis.

Building Your Data Centric Organization

Janét Aizenstros | Ahava Group Global
Sean Adams | Roku
Jackie Hartle | 84.51°/Kroger
Mike Menkes | Analytic Partners
Sharon Harris | Jellyfish

As marketers, our organizations abound in data: we’re able to collect and analyze more and more of it, to better understand our customers, streamline our processes, maximize our bottom line, and increase efficiency and productivity with our employees. But, where are our blind spots and gaps when it comes to using data proactively to build sustainable businesses that can withstand and even thrive in disruptions? As we’ve seen just this year with COVID, the economy, and the movement for racial justice, what’s happening outside our walls impacts our consumers and our businesses. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from marketers from a variety of types of companies (an agency, a Fortune 500, a startup, and an eCommerce brand) on how they’re building data-centric organizations for the present and the future. 

The Streaming Wars: How Marketers Can Win

Andrea Clarke-Hall | Tubi
Benjamin Diesbach | Goodway Group
Jessica Levine | LiveRamp TV
Tim Natividad | Roku
René Santaella | Estrella Media

With 77% of people owning an internet enabled TV-connected device, more than 74% of people in the US subscribing to a streaming service and nearly half using at least one AVOD service, today’s marketers are eager to learn how they can optimize this must buy in their marketing mix. But it’s no secret that there’s a multitude of options and strategies available. What’s right for your brand and budget?  How do you know you’re picking a winning strategy? Tune in as we’re joined by industry leaders where they’ll tackle a breadth of topics: Connected TV, AVOD, FAST, vMVPD, Devices, Tech, Targeting, Fraud and Consumer Mindsets of Generation stream that will arm you for your next marketing plan in streaming video.

What's Working in Content Now

Gary J. Nix | The Brandarchist
Shachar Orren | EX.CO
Elyssa Steiner | USA Technologies
Monique Valeris | Hearst Magazines
Joel Trivver | Founder + CEO, Trivver

Content marketing is a key tool for any marketer, but a tricky one for measuring ROI. In this panel we will hear from a variety of marketers employing strategies such as virtual thought leadership, social media, email newsletters, and AR/VR, and have a candid conversation about what has delivered results in 2020—and what definitely hasn’t—and what they think will work going forward. We will also dive into the sales funnel, discussing what kind of content works at every stage of a customer’s journey.

Demystifying Mobile Gaming Ad Platforms for Today’s Marketers

Itamar Benedy | Anzu.io
David Bloom | Forbes
Alexandra Franco | Gameloft
Gabrielle Heyman | Zynga
Tim Taylor | Activision Blizzard Media

Mobile gaming has seen an exponential rise in users across the globe, in part spurred by the social distancing practices during the pandemic, totaling more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide.  But who are you defining as a “gamer?”  Given that women now account for 46% of the US-based gaming audience but only 6% self-identify as gamers, are you reaching the full potential with your brand messaging?  Join us as we break down the barriers and stereotypes about who your brand can target in today’s gaming marketplace and how the industry is evolving to meet this societal change.

Programmatic Primer for Marketers

Julian Baring | Adform
Chris Gurciullo | PubMatic
Amanda Martin | Goodway Group
Brent Phelps | Remedy Health Media
Sean McCaffrey | GSTV

Programmatic advertising may have been the shiny new tool in a marketer’s arsenal for the past few years, but that doesn’t mean it’s stagnant. In this lively session, you’ll learn not only about the guts of programmatic and adtech and what programmatic allows you that other buying methods do not, but you’ll also gain insights by hearing about programmatic developments from several points of view including platform, supplier, agency, and brand. By the end of the session, no matter what your experience level in this growing area, you’ll feel more comfortable with programmatic and you’ll come away with a host of takeaways that you can bring back to the office ready to employ for 2021!

Marketing Direct-to-Consumer in an Amazon, Retail, and Wholesale Landscape

Faye Landes | Landes Advisors
Caroline Homlish | Supergoop
Jason Finkelstein | Adroll
Divya Gugnani | Wander Beauty
Karalyn Zamora | Aesthetik

In the socially distanced world, we now find ourselves in, brands have been quick to take a larger step into the e-commerce marketplace and drive more sales through their website storefronts. But how can your Direct-to-Consumer sales channel stand out next to the giants of Amazon and big-box retail stores? Get the latest scoop from ad tech providers and brands that are doing D2C right to help you identify the tips and strategies that will help take your direct sales to the next level.

Are Influencers Still Relevant?

Chris Bower | WarnerMedia
Brittany Hampton | Content Creator / Influencer / Fashion Designer
Kristin Maverick | 360i
Julie Roy | DSW Inc.
Idalia Salsamendi | Brand & Influencer Strategist

At the height of the pandemic earlier this year, the question began to arise within every brand that worked with influencers: are influencers really that necessary? The compass began to point in the direction that perhaps the golden age of the influencers was indeed coming to an end. In this enlightening panel, we will discuss how the influencer world is evolving and how brands play an integral role in this dynamic. Does it still make sense for your brand to work with influencers? Do they really maximize their ROI? And how do we remain vigilant with the current social and political times to avoid coming across as tone deaf?

Social Media Platforms: What’s Working for Marketers Now

Jesse Bender | Allebach Communications
Gail Miller Bisher | Westminster Kennel Club / FOX Sports Analyst
Zoe Greenblatt | GLOW
Alan Li | MakeMeReach
Lyneka Little | Social Media Strategist

It can be hard to keep up with all the social media platforms out there but more challenging still is figuring out which ones are right for your brand and mastering how best to use them within today’s ever changing business environment. Hear from a group of expert practitioners on determining which social media strategy works best for your best, how to measure return on investment, and how to recalibrate mid-stream as the climate around us shifts.

From Alexa to Siri: What Brands Need to Know about Voice Marketing

Emily Binder | Beetle Moment Marketing
Tobias Dengel | WillowTree
Mike Grehan | Acronym
Kenneth Kinney | Ai Media Group & “A Shark’s Perspective”- Podcast
Bolong Li | Amazon’s Audible

Voice assistants have taken on greater importance in our lives, particularly during 2020 when we were at home for more time than we imagined, creating a marketing channel well worth the investment for brands. That along with websites offering content via audio are an exciting frontier but one that takes some research and experimentation, not to mention great SEO, to get right. Hear from our panel of voice experts about how to reach customers, creating greater brand awareness and increasing sales.

Today’s Top B2B Marketing Trends

Kara Mitchell | Mintz + Hoke
Ginger Shimp | SAP
Jeff Stanislow | Chief Internet Marketer
Rachel Tuffney | Dianomi USA
Liz Heller | Managing Partner at memBrain

Among the challenges that Covid and 2020 have brought for B2B marketers are budget changes and shifts in tech consumption, and purchase and research behavior. During this session we will discuss what B2B marketers need to focus on for the coming months, such as: engagement through omnichannel market, AI and machine learning, content marketing, and micro moments.

Privacy 101 for Marketers in 2021 and Beyond

Amy Yeung | Lotame
Paul Bannister | CafeMedia
Alex Cone | IAB
Jessica Lee | Loeb & Loeb LLP
Patrick Dolan | IAB

Balancing personalization with consumer privacy can be a challenge for marketers, but done right can be a welcome benefit. Consumers want to shop from brands they can trust. In this panel you’ll hear about how best to increase transparency in marketing, the importance of following not only US but global regulations, and how to turn this all into a positive customer experience. No matter the size of your company you won’t want to miss this!

Stand For Something…Or Sit Down And Fade Away

Ross Martin | Known
Amanda Atkins | Slack
Sanyu Dillon | Penguin Random House
Daisy Auger-Domínguez | VICE Media Group
Nadine Karp McHugh | SeeHer

No more hiding. Brands are being forced to stand up and speak out on social justice issues they never had to confront before – and most have no idea where to begin. In this session you’ll gain important insights from top marketers on how to go beyond the virtue-signaling, navigate the landmines and engage with authenticity and impact.

Building a Brand On and Offline

Patrick Dolan | IAB
Kara Goldin | Hint, Inc.

When the offline world suddenly goes all online—hello 2020—what’s a brand to do? Particularly a brand with a heavy investment in experiential marketing? Be part of a fascinating discussion with Hint’s Founder and CEO Kara Goldin and former IAB president Patrick Dolan about how Goldin strengthened a brand during the worst of times, building on the company’s incredible legacy and record of success in savvy online and offline marketing.

Podcast Ad Revenues are Revving Up

Cathy Csukas | AdLarge Media + Cabana
Patrick Dolan | IAB
Dan Granger | Oxford Road
Lisa Jacobs | Ad Results Media
Peter Morris | PodcastOne
Brett Robinson | NPR

Look out for U.S. podcast advertising revenues to reach nearly $1 billion this year, a 40% increase over last year, according to the most recent IAB Podcast Revenue Report. But with all the podcast choices out there—several likely launched as you were reading this description—how can your brand get the best ROI? Join our panel of experts as we delve into where the opportunities are in this exciting audio medium.

Practical Magic: Applications of AI and Machine Learning to Marketing Campaigns

Jefferson Burrus | Moderator
Stephen Beringer | Mirriad
Mahi De Silva | Amplify.ai
Orchid Richardson | IAB

In this can’t-miss session you’ll get an overview of what marketers need to know about the current state of AI and machine learning, followed by deeper dives into some key areas such data farming, clustering for SEO, and predictive analytics. Hear from practitioners about real-life examples of what worked well and what strategies to avoid. 


Sponsored by leading digital marketing brands, these bite-size education sessions pack a wallop of marketing know-how. Catch-up with these sessions on-demand to learn best practices from the people who are innovating, evolving, and refining every day.

Seize the Data & The DA Ecosystem: Where Consumers are Leaving Info

Matthew Fanelli | MNI Targeted Media

Data analytics initiatives can help businesses increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns, and gain a competitive edge over rivals—all with the goal of boosting business performance. Sounds good, but how? Given by industry leader Matthew Fanelli, this interactive presentation explores what’s influencing data-driven marketing.

It’s Not Enough to Pivot: 5 Things I (Re)Learned from Media Planning During Armageddon (i.e. 2020, not the movie)

Kyle Krueger | ENGINE

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the abomination that is 2020 is that well-made plans continue to need to be, well, re-planned. Join ENGINE for an honest discussion on how we need to reevaluate and relearn key fundamentals to truly succeed moving forward.

Optimizing Advertising Dollars in a Changing Media Landscape

Amy Bobchek | Advocado

ROI has never been more important to advertisers. In this 30-minute session, Advocado's CRO Amy Bobchek will share insights on what's changing with consumer attitudes and behavior and how innovation and technology can help you make every ad dollar count. 

Getting Emo-ho-ho-tional: Rating 2020’s Best Holiday Ads with Undertone & System1

Laura Salant | Undertone
Anna Lakomy | System1

It’s holiday ad season, which means the effectiveness bar is higher than ever! Go inside consumer-based emotional ratings with Undertone and System1 Research as they identify the best of the best. This lively and entertaining discussion will also feature key trends and best practices. BYOP (Bring your own popcorn!).

Identity: Digital Advertising's Love Language

Pierre Diennet | Lotame

The identity opportunity is upon us. Marketers, publishers, SSPs, DSPs, and data providers need a new language to understand each other and collaborate successfully. Attendees in this session will hear about a brand-new cookieless solution to repair our relationships and build responsible, relevant, and resilient connections. Get a fast-forward look at what's ahead for digital advertising and identity.

The Measurement Deficit: Leveraging Technology to Solve Your Toughest Optimization Challenges

Jonah Feld | Acronym
John Peter Spear | Acronym
Gregg Manias | Acronym
Janelle Olmer | Acronym

Marketers set KPIs to track performance and inform strategy and budget decisions. However, it’s quite common for marketers to run into two big challenges: 1) How to correctly measure campaigns 2) How to use disparate data across channels efficiently and effectively. These challenges stretch across Performance Marketing, Analytics and Technology. Join Acronym’s experts across all three disciplines: JP Spear, EVP of Technology; Jonah Feld, Director of Product Development; Janelle Olmer, Executive Director of Analytics; and Gregg Manias, SVP Performance Media, for an exciting discussion on how to use advanced measurement and leverage technology to solve these complex challenges and more.

Closed-loop Marketing: What Is It and Why You Need It

Patrick Acosta | Claritas

The digital transformation of the marketing world offers every company a vast opportunity to find, engage, and persuade current and new prospects more effectively than ever before. At the same time, marketers across all industries are continually faced with the same challenges. How do I pinpoint potential customers more precisely? How do I engage with them when and where it matters most? How do accurately measure the impact of my campaigns elements to continually optimize and drive better ROI.  Claritas will address each of these questions and talk about how data and technology are driving the integration across each of these key areas of the marketing spectrum to address the needs of today’s landscape, but also in preparation for the future.

Page Experience: The #1 Digital Marketing KPI of 2021 and Beyond

Paxton Gray | 97th Floor

Google frequently announces updates to their algorithm, most recently an upcoming one sometime in 2021. As marketers we need to get past simply just manipulating the algorithm and focus on the user’s page experience. Page experience is more than just an update or SEO tactic, it’s a focus on the digital experience of the user from first interaction to last. This holistic approach leads to shifts in design, SEO, and content that better serve the needs of users. When page experience becomes a core part of your strategy, your website will be optimized for the user AND any future algorithm update.

Stop Marketing Fraud and Drive Better Business Results, Higher Conversion and ROI

Dan Lowden | White Ops

Prepare to be enlightened -- fraudsters are using sophisticated bots to siphon marketing investments from every brand across the globe, and the problem is bigger than you think.  In this session, you will learn how to identify and put a stop to the fake visits, impressions, clicks, and leads that are wasting marketing dollars and undermining abilities to connect with real consumers.

How AI is Helping Brands Get the Most out of Influencer Marketing

Khudor Annous | BEN

When traditional productions were shut down in the midst of Covid-19, it sent spring and summer marketing plans spiraling out of reach – A shutdown that forced brands to embrace influencer marketing more so than ever before. An industry that pre-pandemic was already on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022. We’ve seen the need to be able to identify creators and understand performance within the influencer landscape increasing tremendously as brands desire to reach consumers fast and with hyper relevant messaging. Which is why Artificial Intelligence has become a critical component of marketing strategies over the last several months. There are tools -- technology and data that can help make your influencer marketing efforts much more precise. AI removes the guesswork on finding the right creator and whether or not they’re going to work for a campaign, saving precious time and money. In this session, hear from BEN’s SVP of Influencer Client Development, Khudor Annous, about how brands need to harness the power of AI – unlocking the value of influencer marketing, and bringing an understanding to their ROI.

The ROI of AI for Marketers

Brennan White | Cortex

The excitement around AI has been growing the last few years, with many CMO’s leading the charge. It’s become apparent that AI is more than a technology; it is a new way of doing business and aligning strategic, operational, and financial performance. Couple this with the hard shift to digital caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many CMO’s are actively increasing their investment in bringing AI into their organizations. To help CMOs generate ROI on those investments, Cortex partnered with ESI ThoughtLab to conduct the largest benchmarking study of AI adoption in Enterprise companies to date. We surveyed 1,200 organizations across a wide cross-section of 12 industries and 15 world markets, with companies representing a range of maturity from beginners through to leaders. Presenting the detailed findings specifically for CMOs, Cortex CEO Brennan White shares the current landscape, priorities, opportunities, challenges, budget data, and more. You’ll learn the best practices from top CMOs to get ahead of the competition and drive the most performance and returns from your AI Initiatives.

Advertising is Not Enough: How to Build a Real Relationship With Your Target Audience

Chris Meador | Wistia

"A lasting brand” is often cited as the key to future-proofing your marketing strategy, but how do you achieve it? Most businesses try to get there by increasing their media spend, but too often the number of impressions doesn’t correlate with the number of people impressed. In this Session, Wistia’s VP of Marketing Chris Meador will explain how the most innovative modern brands are built via affinity, rather than awareness and offer tactical tips for achieving this with a combination of owned media and advertorial, in a way that drives scalable results for the long-term.